4 Tips on How to Improve Your Chess Game

Do you ever find yourself in a great position, only to lose your chance by missing a simple move? How about setting the best attack but failing to win or find a forced mate? In this guide, we will discuss some of the best ways you can improve your Chess skills.

Here are the top 4 tips on how to improve your chess game.

Scan For Any Forced Moves

Don’t know what a forced move is? It could be a capture, a check, or any attack of the enemy piece. Any move that forces your opponent to respond aggressively is a forced move. A sacrifice is a great example when looking for a forced move. For many players, it is essential in the game of chess as we don’t even think about the steps after the move.

Check For Any Common Tactical Motifs

Nearly all tactics consist of a basic motif or pattern. Using motifs tend to become second nature after solving riddles as a child. You can find many motifs such as the discovered check, removing the guard, moving in between, interference, skewers, back rank, and more.

Monitor the Entire Chess Board

For most chess players, we often find ourselves making the same mistakes. With the king sides attack as the focus of the game, we tend to miss the main action. As a result, we miss the next move and ruin our position. This common problem must force us to focus our attention on the board and detect what might be missing.

Practice All Methods of Solving Tactics

While this tip might be the most obvious, it is still overlooked by many chess players. Learning to solve more tactics will allow you to gain more exposure and solve tactics faster than ever.

Furthermore, remember to practice on all the tactical motifs, look at the forced moves, and pay attention to the whole board. While you might not win every game of chess, you will set yourself up towards success.