5 Chess Books That Will Improve Your Skills for beginners

Have you recently started playing chess or have been playing for years? Perhaps you have finally decided to join a chess club and wanted to improve your skills. One way or another, you have reached the point where you can move past the basic knowledge and improve your game as a beginner.

The best way to get your skills flowing is to start by reading a specific skilled book to help you boost your expertise. In this guide, we will help you in finding the most recommended items to players and how to enhance their solid chess game.

Here are 5 chess books that will improve your skills for beginners.

Amateur’s Mind by Jeremy Silman

What to know that makes chess profession stand out from the amateurs? In this mind, the Amateur’s Mind will slowly move into the topic of how to master difficult movements and positions as well as show how other chess players handled their play.

Looking for trouble by Dan Heisman

Known as one of the most useful books for chess, Looking for Trouble is a tactical guide that takes the approach to the issue from a different angle than most guides. Rather than looking for the winning move, you will need to find the opponent’s potential threats. Since the main point of tactics are used in real chess, it is a great skill to develop

Logical Chess by Irving Chernev

As one of the classic writing in chess, Logical Chess is great for players who want a complete guide on how to make the right moves. This guide explains nearly 33 master games with the utmost details that start from the initial move to how each move was made after.

Play Winning Chess by Yasser Sierawan

As the first installment in the series of Winning Chess, this first book gives readers a basic overview of every aspect of the game of chess. Starting from tactics to strategy, readers can brush up on the opening to the ending game. This book is not only for beginners as intermediate players will benefit from the basic moves and routines. What makes it interesting is that this instructive book also serves as a great introduction to the imbalances of the player’s advantages and disadvantages in various positions.

Silman’s Complete Endgame Course by Jeremy Silman

As the second Silman book on our list, the Silman’s Complete Endgame Course is divided into various sections that range on levels of rating. This allows players to gain essential knowledge past their playing levels and have the option to enhance their endgame solutions. Silman will also encourage vital strategies to how to build an understandable guide for players.

Got any books that you would like to recommend on improving your skills for chess? Comment below and share your tips with us!