Join Albany Chess Club For Weekly Poker Night

Join us this month and enjoy more of what we offer here at the Albany Chess club!

Aside from our weekly chess club meets, we also have our weekly poker night to enable members to enjoy the tactics of strategy outside of the game of chess.

In the Albany Chess club, our matches played most Fridays during the spring and autumn terms as we enjoy the connection between the strategies of chess and poker. We just stacked our poker room with brand new customized clay poker chips from so come ready to play!

Why Play Poker at a Chess Club?

Our chess club members enjoy the activities that combine the love of chess and poker strategies. In fact, there are many professional chess players who also enjoy the game of poker. As you can see, many chess players learn to utilize their strategy skills by playing chess at the poker table. However, can poker be useful at the game of chess?

The Art of Bluffing

Chess players suggest to mastering the art of bluffing in game play. This is something that should be mastered in the very beginning as your opponent will think that you are a total beginner and believe that they have the higher advantage of winning. Once you’ve made your position, you can then set a trap and pull in the bait. As a result, your opponent may still believe that this is just another blunder as beginner’s luck.

The same goes for playing Poker. While the strategy may be silly, it is also the most effective in the game of poker.

Game Theory Increases Strategy

Game theory in poker and chess tactics are both non-cooperative games as the opponents work to achieve their own self-goals. This is generally analyzed as the framework of noncooperative game theory to predict the player’s next move.

As chess is considered as a perfect information game, since you can see where all the details are on the board, poker is considered as the imperfect information with chance moves by the cards dealt.

Similar Strategies, Yet Different Concept

While both poker and chess might look similar, they are different in the way of playing. When you offer opponents your seconds as bait, they will immediately see the information and the traps. This will cause them to ultimately reject your offer and cause the whole strategy to will from the beginning.

Does this mean that chess players can’t learn from the game of poker? They can!

Just like in poker, it is important to understand the opponent’s general strategy in chess. The main objective is to read their patterns and use it towards your own advantage in the game.

All experienced chess players will play as the opponent to each other. That is why it is important to master the strategy and gain the advantage of identifying the positions of the match.

Are you ready to just us for our next poker night event? We invite you to visit the Albany Chess club and make us your new Chess headquarters.